Mounting the lights:

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edward-c-deaver-ivEdward C. Deaver, IV 10/16/2020 at 21:010 Comments

Initially I thought maybe I should use mounting brackets but without a 3d printer and time to create fancy wood working mounts, I decided to go with a fishing line and hang the tubes from the ceiling. To find the points where the hooks should go I used Pythagorean’s theorem. I wanted a 45* X shape so that resulted in 4 triangles with 2 45* sides and 1 90* side. The opposite and adjacent sides were 4’ long, which made the hypotenuse of 5.65’ or 5’ 5 inches set that to X. So to mount the lights I needed a Y value for spacing from the ceiling and lining up with the camera. When I knew Y, I cut a length of  line to X+Y for the end of the tube closer to the ground and one to Y for the part closer to the ceiling. To hold the line to the tubes I made knots in the end of the line, stuffed them into the tube, and put the cap overtop of them to hold them in place via friction. Using the fishing line made it look like the tubes were floating on camera. 

Mounting dimensions for LED Tubes:

Mounting the LED Tubes with fishing line: