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Control My Lights using a website, Twitch chat, YouTube chat.

edward-c-deaver-ivEdward C. Deaver, IV 10/16/2020 at 21:040 Comments

So the streaming setup is like most Twitch setups. I am using a Canon t6i outputting to a Elgato Cam Link capture card. Because no currently operating streaming service uses WebRTC, they all cause a delay to the video (they all use RTMP, Mixer was the one platform that used WebRTC with their FTL protocol). Initially when streaming I was pushing upwards of 8 seconds delay, I was able to reduce that to ~<5 seconds using this guide and reducing my streaming output to 720p from 1080p. To stream on YouTube and Twitch at the same time I’m using It should be noted that Twitch, unlike YouTube, will cut your stream at the 48 hour mark so their system can make a Video On Demand or VOD of the stream. OBS and Restream will successfully reconnect to Twitch at that point. After completing testing  for OBS, I moved onto making the streaming a little more interesting.