5000W 2WD Electric Beach Chopper

5000 Watt Dual Motor E-bike ABS brakes no pedals

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48v 9Ah Lithium Polymer battery made from 24 3-cell 1.5A Parrot Drone 2.0 batteries. (A going out of business Brookstone had 25 of these on the shelf for $1 each so super-cheap battery!)

1 Amazon 48v 1000W front wheel and 1 similar spec rear wheel from EBay. In retrospect, I could have probably used 2 front wheels since I ended up taking off the pedals and chain.

2 48V 45A Sunwin Controllers- lots of features, too many almost. Used the ABS feature though, can be disabled. Ended up clipping many wires that were not used.

Top speed 30MPH exactly, which is plenty fast for me right now even though the 72V controllers just showed up...

Haven’t measured acceleration except for the ear to ear smiles on my motorcycle buddies faces.

Found the frame at a pawn shop and the Fork at a different pawn shop.

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