Quantity   Component name
1 × Silicone (160g / 130ml) Shore A-8 or A-15. Just get 1kg its good stuff.
1 × Silicone Oil To use with shore A-15 silicone to make it more flexible (lesser shore value)
1 × PLA filament To use with 3D printer when printing molds.
1 × Silicone tube To connect air pump to jig.
1 × DC Air pump 6V Make sure that it has a inlet for air suction, check if you can connect 2 tubes. Sometimes these are revered to as vacuum pumps or breast (milk) pumps
1 × Foot switch Usually used to switch on lamps, available at hardware store.
2 × Wires (2m) Connect foot switch to pump and battery
1 × Power source Should be around 5-6V and at least 0.2A. 2 Li-ion batteries works.
1 × Brass rod (dia 0.8mm) part of mold, for easier building small manholes.
1 × Silicone mixing equipment Beaker + stirring stick + mitrile gloves (dont use latex gloves)
1 × Creme Brulee blowtorch To heat rods and attach them to your mold by melting.