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Ubuntu 21.10 with microk8s/1.21.6 on Raspberry Pi 4

carboncycleCarbonCycle 10/25/2020 at 06:290 Comments

Kyle            - Pi 4b/8G  NVMe

Stan           - Pi 4b/8G  NVMe

Cartman    - Pi 4b/8G  NVMe

Kenny        - Pi 4b/8G  500G 7200rpm spinning rust

Butters      - Pi 4b/8G  500G  Crucial flash sata

A console node for serial ports - Pi 3b+

K8console  - Pi 3B+  MicroSD

Now there is a need for log aggregation.   This design will use Fluentd on the OS and Fluent-bit on the microk8s cluster.  The log destination will be to a Elasticsearch node with Kibana installed.

Installed another Pi 4 / 4G with the new Ubuntu 20.10 64 bit release ( no desktop).  This release does not require the MicroSD card to boot - so I've used a SATA flash disk here.

Adding this new node that runs Elasticsearch and Kibana.

Ike           - Pi 4b/4G  240G Crucial flash sata