SodoSopa cluster development

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Ubuntu 21.10 with microk8s/1.21.6 on Raspberry Pi 4

carboncycleCarbonCycle 10/27/2020 at 06:520 Comments

SodoSopa is where the Elasticsearch stack lives.  It will grow into additional nodes ( maybe )   That cluster is going to be arm64.  However stacking isn't going exactly swell.

Kibana isn't entirely with the arm64 thing yet.  And to process logs - you need a thingy called BeatsFileBeats, specifically for logs.  And that isn't available in non x86 persuasions.  So that part actually has become the first hard x86 requirement.  This is so I can stop cussing every time I grab an amd64 distribution because I haven't cleaned my glasses and find there a blocker for knuckle dragging this forward.  I can fake it for a while with a VM on my mac. I'll have to get a NUC to have a x86 node.  Something AMD with cores would be ideal ... but the ghost of labs past has me build low power anymore.   I can put this on a UPS and run for a long time ( We have these power outages where I am, usually when the wind blows ) but even just one x86 host would likely cut that time in half or less. has some commitment to ARM - and it was going pretty swell there for awhile until I hit the Beats issue.    I ran into Beats in a past job. I didn't know what it was or why it was creating a problem with the tool I supported.  It seemed no one knew.    Knowledge hole filled - hardware requirement created.

 So this is the dashboard, for the thing -

SodoSopa seems to need a Shi Tpa Town (x86 land) to do some things for now.

Looking at the Github repo - 

There is a work-around there that could run on the K8console Pi.  But I'd rather not run it on a armhf kernel.  Lots of folks working on the ARM bits.



A bit of configuration and I have the Beat thingy connected to Elasticsearch.

There is also a metricbeat thingy