Vimeo or Youtube? -or- Metrics: How vain am I?

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Paul McClayPaul McClay 10/23/2021 at 06:060 Comments

Metrics are good because feedback enables learning how to communicate more effectively. So it's not just vanity and dopamine... right?

HaD wants YouTube or Vimeo. (I don't remember whether or not I actually tried something different to see if it actually failed.) I started w/Vimeo for the cleaner / less blipverty presentation. With a minor downside that V wants more bandwidth -- and buffers longer before starting -- to maintain quality vs. YT starting up quicker and readily cutting quality to keep the show going. IME.

Since getting some content up here, I've found that video stats give some feedback about what people look at. And then I think it's kind of neat to see e.g. what countries people come from, etc. V has limited free stats, which they further degraded a while ago, but enough to keep curiosity alive. I could pay for more stats, but from what I've read it sounds like people who do aren't all that thrilled with what they get.

OTOH YT offers stats that people seem to like more, and for "free". Where "free" gets paid for by YT more aggressively commandeering your attention.


So I've pushed what I have on Vimeo to YouTube - with the beneficial side-effect of rounding up scattered originals -- and finding published versions in the version haystack(s) -- because I haven't paid V to keep uploaded originals.

And I guess I'll try flipping some links over to YT to see what happens. Mostly because I like seeing where around the world this stuff goes.

For example:

Vimeo be like

(oh yeah - after I edit the iframe height and width to 720 - which shows the video at original resolution at cost of adding vertical space on narrow displays. happy to here if there's a better way.)

YouTube be like

(same iframe edit (because same iframe default); and I don't remember what was the initial obstacle to uploading a selected thumbnail)

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