This sculpture is made of 8 concentrics rings. Each ring support 8 blue LEDs.  Explosion start at inner ring with maximum intensity and spread out with decreasing intensity. The cycle repeat.


First stlink programmer is used to flash stm8_eForth in MCU. The stm8_eForth is included as a submodule in supernova git.

Once Forth is programmed the terminal emulator is used to interface with the Forth on MCU. 

A second submodule named SendFile is include in the git. SendFile is a little commande line tool to send Forth application to the MCU.  There is 2 Forth files to send.  stm8s105.f which containt definitions specifics to this MCU and the supernova application itself name supernova.f

Once those to files are flashed the following Forth command is used to auto run the application at reset.

autorun nova

The application can be exited by sending a character via the terminal, provided that one is connected. This is not required for the application to run. Only 5 volt DC power is required. Maximum current draw is around 160ma.

There is a 10K trimmer potentiometer on board to ajust cycle delay.   

For more detail consult the git.