Assembling the PCB

A project log for Graupner MZ-32 DSM/DSMX Adapter Module

This is a DIY DSM/DSMX RF Module adapter for your Graupner MZ-32 Radio, using a harvested OEM DSM Module from a genuine Spektrum/HH Radio.

PhillyFlyersPhillyFlyers 10/18/2020 at 22:250 Comments

This PCB was designed around SMT (surface mount components), just to save space... I know these can be a little difficult to solder if you don't have a decent iron with a small solder tip, and some type of desktop magnifier or glasses with magnification.

I also added TWO LEDs for 'Power' indication and 'Data' indication.  (The DATA LED illuminates when the signal line goes LOW, since it's inactive state is High.  It will appear to essentially be always on because of the 125k baud uart traffic.. but it is actually pulsating, just quite fast!

I did NOT populate the JR header on the bottom right in my samples shown, as you don't need to buy/solder on this header unless you plan on using this module in another Tx that has a JR compatible module bay (like a Taranis, etc)... ie you do NOT need this header when using the MZ-32.

You can also build the similar board by John Prikkel ( if you are not comfortable with surface mount components.   Flux paste is your friend!!!

** Note **:   I don't really like the original setup where people are using a simple diode + pull-up resistor in order to interface 5v (or higher) from the Tx UART signal to the RF Module signal in.  It works, but not the best way to do it.  I used a simple 74LVC1G125 line driver/buffer that can put out a nice clean 3.3v signal, and take up to 5.5v on the input even while powered from 3.3v.