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My Intel 386 assembly (graphic engine) and C (game logic) programming of "Michael Jordan In Flight" for Electronic Arts.

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An old friend of mine reminded me of this wonderful experience...I singularly wrote this video game for Electronic Arts in 1991/1992 on a Compaq 386 Color LCD "suitcase" styled computer in assembly language (graphic engine) and C (game logic). How time does fly... No GPUs, no video acceleration, just a video memory plane and a boat load of math.

Video is here:

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Greg Zumwalt wrote 10/23/2020 at 14:38 point

Hi Dan!

Yes, these days everyone pans the graphics, but back then, the game appeared in various national publications.

We video taped Michael Jordan in front of a blue screen in Chicago recording a variety of his favorite moves on a Sony Betacam commercial video recorder (again, in those days Betacam was the best video recording format available).  I then wrote software on an IBM pc to grab the blue screen frames from the Betacam recorder, remove the blue screen, then assemble short bitmap sequences for each move.

I added a picture of Michael Jordan on the set.


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Dan Maloney wrote 10/22/2020 at 20:28 point

A much simpler time, I guess.

So were the player sprites based on photos that you animated? For early 90s they look very photorealistic.

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