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My own take on a hydroponics set-up, using an ESP and developing a web interface

BelgianTinkerBelgianTinker 10/20/2020 at 20:110 Comments


Groing plants hydroponically is basically without using soil. The roots of the plants are being exposed to a nutrient, which is a water based fluid that contains all the food the plant is going to need.
The benefit is that this way plants can be grown in more severe environents and even indoors. Another benfit is a drastic decrease in the amount of water needed for cultivating a plant and 'faster' groing times, since the plant does not need to invest as much energy to cultivating the root system.

There are a lot of different types of hydroponic farming, and the type that speaks to me the most is the ebb and flood type. A crude sketch of what I am imagining:

Mechanism bell
Fig.1 - Crude sketch of a possible hydroponic system.

What I think I need