Concept video done, some progress, some mishaps

A project log for LitePlacer - a low cost Pick and Place machine

LitePlacer is a Pick and Place machine optimized for prototype assembly. It has optical calibration with two cameras:

Juha KuusamaJuha Kuusama 08/12/2014 at 16:030 Comments

Jay! Normally, not a worth a shout, but there were some technical issues... I still have no sound on my videos exported from my iPhone, but fortunately, I got my old camera working. I know I have a heavy accent, but if you don't understand what I'm saying, just enable the subtitles. :)

Also, the wiring is done. Unfortunately, Murphy ordered my stepper motors and they are not the precision 0.9 deg./step type, but the regular 1.8deg./step. Only one letter difference, but from the previous prototypes, I know I need the precision in order to do 0402's and down. So, actual placement videos need to wait for DHL. Next week, I suppose.

I also downloaded the Sysrtem Design documents, so I think I now have all the official requirements done. Another jay!