Some notes on assembly

A project log for The Ball-Drone Project MK II

Single rotor, "singlecopter", selfmade drone with air vanes for position control as a full remake of the Ball-Drone Project

Benjamin PrescherBenjamin Prescher 11/01/2020 at 15:330 Comments


  1. order parts
  2. print parts


Lower ring

  1. Assemble servos
  2. Center seros to middle position (with servo controller, or easy sketch: Arduino servo)
  3. Add servo horn when servo is aligned
  4. Mount vanes one by one . The servo horn (ES9052) fits exactly into the fitting on the wing. I used M3x12mm screws to make a positioning screw on the opposite side.

Upper ring

  1. Mount motor first
  2. Add screws for the flight controller from "underneath"
  3. Fix the flight controller with M3 circuit board spacers


  1. I attached (daisy chained) WS2812b lights on the inside of the drone legs and used them to connect the servo power lines on
  2. The signal lines of the servos must definitely be extended
  3. Connect Motor and receiver lines to your (betaflight) flight controller (more to betaflight comming up!)

Battery holder

I attached the ESC and receiver on the bottom side with cable ties (there are also the notches in the holder). A standard buzzer will fit into the round of the bat. holder.