Panel Mounted Silly-Scope and Function Generator

Silly-Scope/Function Generator Panel Mounted with Some exposed PCB Goodness.

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Gussied up my Sillyscope and added a function generator to the panel. It seems like I Cannot get enough of Those XR2206 kits. Making it look better and have more options. Even the cheap kits deserve to look a bit pretty.

-SillyScope(DSO 138 DIY Oscilloscope)
-XR2206 Function Generator kit "Great for testing filter and used as a LFO"

For Power they are both Running on my 12v eurorack power supply. 12v is The Max Limit For DSO 138 5v Regulator it has been working good. I'll update if anything happens.
  • 1 × SillyScope(DSO 138 DIY Oscilloscope)
  • 1 × XR2206 Function Generator kit

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