Pictorial Assembly Guide for ZZ80MB

A project log for ZZ80MB, a Z280-based SBC

Z80-compatible CP/M-ready SBC that can program itself

PlasmodePlasmode 10/31/2020 at 01:190 Comments

This is a series of photographs showing how to assemble ZZ80MB. 

Start off with bare pc board, component side & solder side.

I like to assemble a board with the lowest components first.  This way, I can insert the component, flip it over, and use the weight of the board to keep the components flat against the pc board.  So first group of components are through-hole 1/8W resistors.

Next is capacitors and a diode.

IC sockets, SIP resistor, and serial port header.

Two RC2014 expansion connectors are next

Last are PLCC socket, reset button, voltage regulator, 10uF tantalum cap, and power plug

CF adapter is quite tall, so it is assembled last.   Here is ZZ80MB all assembled and populated.

I will cover programming and testing of ZZ80MB in next blog