Week 2

A project log for Microplate Reader

A High School project

wwangwwang 10/31/2020 at 10:060 Comments

As we continue to progress, we kind of divided the tasks into the works related to laser cutting and actually assembling the laser-cut pieces to the beams and the structures we already assembled. We used Inkscape to draw out the holes and the lines before we open the file in K40 Whisperer to laser cut the pieces. As it was our first time working to draw out the pieces, we inevitably made the mistake of cutting out holes that didn't really appear as it should be, perhaps off by 2 millimeters. However, we still managed to fit it in the beams, with great efforts to fit in the screws and to the drill the holes on the four sides, and that was our top panel done! In a similar fashion, we were also able to draw out the circles and lines that needs to be laser cutted for the bottom panel, but we wasn't able to cut it out because the thick boards needed for the bottom didn't arrive yet.