Week 3

A project log for Microplate Reader

A High School project

wwangwwang 11/07/2020 at 10:020 Comments

As we continue to work on building the outer pieces of the plate reader that needs to be laser cutted. The main focus of the day was that we worked on 3D printing and installing several of the pieces crucial for the motor, the belt, and the plate holder to cooperate better. We had quite a tough time making slight changes to the plate holder,

the holder meant for holding samples in the future, since our plate reader's dimensions and the motors we are using more quite different from the original one. In addition, we also added a piece on top of a motor in order to adjust the height of the motor to make the belt stable and maintain the same elevation throughout. Overall it was quite a successful day as we were able to continue to progress and as we are becoming more and more skilled and confident with the tools we are using.