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Allow customers to easily configure your RasPi product.

Peter WalshPeter Walsh 10/29/2020 at 23:150 Comments

I've been busy banging on the project pretty reliably for the past two weeks. It's taking me longer to complete than I had originally estimated - there's no problem, there's just more of it than I originally thought.

I still expect to be done by Nov 1st. Well... at least the *week* of November 1st.

One application for this project is a friend's "remote work" relay hat for Raspberry Pi systems, so remote workers can power cycle hardware in the lab remotely. The project allows a remote user to view a web page on the RasPi system with buttons to toggle the relays, or use small executables (little JSON web socket programs in python) that can be mapped to a keyboard key or similar.

Something like: ToggleGPIO 13

Where: "ToggleGPIO" is a small program that can be run anywhere on the internet and access the RasPi server running the relays.

Remote relays are available on eBay that can be controlled by Wifi, bluetooth, IR and so on, but my friend's client doesn't allow Chinese-made devices on their network.

So one benefit of using the AppDaemon system is it's open source that can be examined by anyone. No backdoors, no stealing data, nothing.

And one of [the client's] requirements was to disable unused network interface devices for security, so I had to add a page that lets the end user:

This in addition to the WiFi SSID and password config, which was already complete.

This was a little more config than originally planned, but it's done now. It's all working, except the web page needs some sprucing up for better looks. I also have to add the back-end sections that set the new config data, but since it's not HTML or javascript I think that'll be easy.