Release delayed by 1 week

A project log for Easy RasPi configuration

Allow customers to easily configure your RasPi product.

Peter WalshPeter Walsh 10/31/2020 at 13:520 Comments

Yesterday I spent 6 hours trying to get two icons to line up the way I wanted!

...on the plus side, it looks like I'm learning little more about HTML. There's some better screenshots in the project that will give you a sense of what the project will look like.

(**Update: that was yesterday. Today it took me only 3 hours (minus 10 min) to make the code that actually *sets* all the configuration parameters - all of it. I hate HTML.)

I also found bugs that need to be addressed before release. Most importantly, one of my clients uses an external Wifi dongle for his project (the RasPi is mounted inside a metal box, so he has to have an external antenna), so the system needs to be able to deal with two (or more) WiFi devices.

The "device" configuration page should work OK, but the WiFi SSID/password selection page assumes the wlan0 device.

I slipped the release date by a week.

Here's what the Wifi settings page looks like: