Quick status update

A project log for O'PAVES

Open Platform for Autonomous VEhicle Systems

AdaCoreAdaCore 06/14/2017 at 16:070 Comments

Here's a quick update on the status of the O'PAVES project.

On the hardware side, the first prototype is 95% a success (see the picture attached). The micro-controller is running fine, the car can move and turn, the different sensors are providing data.

A second version of the electronic board is on the way, with a couple of fixes and the battery moved to the front to put more weight on the front tires and therefore improve cornering.

Of course there are still a ton of problems that might occur when we turn on everything together. Like noise coming from the electric motor that would interfere with sensors signals. But this is a good first step.

On the software side, we've started the development. Here's an overview of the different "modules" of the system:

The GitHub repository is now public:

You will find all the hardware and software sources there.