W15's Sunday

A project log for Our Microplate Reader

not just a test now :D progress records of a group of high school students building a microplate reader yeah

Grace QiuGrace Qiu 01/31/2021 at 08:450 Comments

Momentous! We finally succeeded in installing the belts of our x and y-axis. 

Week after week, our gear holder kept fracturing, and the frame always had a slight tilt, preventing it from moving back and forth on the y-axis smoothly. 

Today, we removed the frame, modified screw holes on the frame, and installed them one more time. 

After watching a video about DIY drawing machine, we also found a great tip of installing the belt! 

Instead of using a small, white thing to connect the two ends of the belt, we could fix them in place by printing a round stuff as shown in the video. They are on the printing machine now. Hopefully, we can installed them next week and try to run the machine with the code we had been working on for the last several weeks.