• V1 (Kinda) Completed

    Peter Buckley11/10/2020 at 03:59 0 comments

    First proof on concept.

    The basic first version has reached the most complete it will get. I have decided to not produce the front or side pieces for this version to save resources. Here is the first proof of concept.

    Here is the back

    Everything ended up fitting together very well and I could not be happier. One of the things allowing me to put components close together was the use of custom cabling. Having the shortest cables possible means that the case can be smaller. The case features vents on all sides, full io access, sata ssd mount, front io board, and solid cooling performance.


    The parts I chose for this build are mostly older parts I had laying around

    -Ryzen 2 2600 Processor

    -Asus Dual rx480 4gb Gpu

    -Gigabyte B450 I Aorus Pro Mother Board

    -Noctua Nh-L9-a Black Edition Cooler

    -PNY 1tb SSD

    -Generic 256gb Nvme SSD

    -HD Plex 400w Dc-Dc Psu

    -Ready Made Rc 400w psu with Noctua 40mm fan.

    -200mm Riser Cable

    A lot of these components are interchangeable but a few are key. The hdplex 400w psu is what allows the super small size. Any cooler slimmer than 40mm will fit but the Noctua is the best. The Largest Gpu you can fit is a 2.5 slot by 245mm.


    The first thing I need to add to the next version is a way to attach the 4 printed pieces together without relying on glue. I think I'm gonna use m3 heat-set inserts and bolts for this. I also need a way to support all kinds of graphics cards vertically. I think ill use a height adjustable pillar under the bottom right corner of the card for this. I could also mount the riser bracket, but keeping it floating allows for easy assembly. Along with these changes I need to figure out an invisible way to mount the forward, top, and front panels. I will be cncing these out of aluminum but you could cut them out of anything or 3d print them. I will also vinyl wrap the final product for an even surface finish and to hide the seams. This is all I have for now look for a update coming soon.