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The importer has some extra functionality to help editing the G-code inside of Blender. Subdividing the imported toolpaths and separating the layers into single objects make modifying the G-code easier. The modified toolpaths can be re-exported with Alessandro Zomparellis G-code Exporter Add-on.

 I've been using the importer for different things. 

-visualization and animation of toolpaths

-making paths non-planar

-applying weighted 'fuzzy skin'

-mixing gcode from different slicers (using curas tree supports with slic3r only features)

The github wiki has more info about some uses cases.

I experimented with storing feedrates, extrusion rates and other meta info inside each vertex of Blender. One way is to store them in vertex color maps, this way you could edit them by painting over them. The paths need to be meshed/have face loops for that, which means you have to convert back to single paths when exporting.

blend - 30.52 MB - 10/27/2020 at 13:42


blend - 796.04 kB - 10/27/2020 at 13:41


blend - 4.60 MB - 10/27/2020 at 13:41


  • Some more G-code post-processing in Blender

    heinz11/15/2020 at 16:57 0 comments

    * slice donut shape with slic3r

    * import G-code with G-code Importer add-on

    * subdivide and convert to curve
    * randomize curve tool
    * texture to weightmap (tissue add-on)
    * duplicate mesh and shapekey between original and randomized mesh based on weight map
    * then duplicate all and same process for other color
    * zip both meshes together and re-export to G-code with G-code Exporter add-on
    * python script to change every other layers toolnumber/color

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