eCO2, humidity & temperature sensor

A eCO2, humidity & temperature sensors on an esp8266

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That project shows eCO2, temperature & humidity value on an OLED screen. The sensor can, optionally, post data to an influxdb server via wifi. You can then use grafana to « graph » the values over time.

I’ve built a eCO2, humidity & temperature sensor.

Inspiration is from project, to help ventilate classrooms when eCO2 is too high (and so, indirectly can help to limit COVID-19).

It uses an esp8266, a SGP30 eCO2 sensor and a DHT11 for humidity & temperature.

A high CO2 concentration means you should ventilate the room (and so, indirectly can help to limit COVID-19 indoors).

SPG30 doesn’t detect CO2 but can make a « equivalent CO2 » (not great but sensor is cheap, about 10 €).

It displays value on an OLED screen but can also send metric to an influxdb database,  and be displayed on a grafana dashboard.

You can find the [code on github](

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