IoT for old Energy Meter

Bring real-time IoT to old mechanical energy meter

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Inspired by other project, that counts rotations of energy meter's ring, I've decided to create my own esp-based board doing the same.

First board revision based on digital readings, this technique however, introduced many problems, because it was very light-sensitive. Bright sunlight sometimes affected measurements.

Second revision uses ADC instead, so I can detect rotations more precisely. From EMI perspective this board is designed better. I've had few troubles soldering this, because it failed to start for the first time - due to wrong AMS1117 version ordered. However I've managed to replace this IC with correct one.

Along with hardware-part, I'm working on software - framework for IoT devices like this one, so end user application might be developed fairly quick!

Source code @ github:

PCB design not yet ready to be published - send PM for questions.

  • 1 × ESP-12E
  • 1 × AMS1117-3.3V Power Management ICs / Linear Voltage Regulators and LDOs
  • 3 × 22uF capacitor
  • 1 × Tact push switch
  • 4 × 10k 1206 resistor

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Adam Quantrill wrote 06/25/2021 at 13:04 point

I was thinking along these lines but instead to use an optical mouse innards, which will give velocity readings on a fine-grained basis (and also be able to tell the difference between forward/reverse)

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h4rdc0der wrote 06/26/2021 at 19:20 point

Nice idea to use mouse sensor, didn't even think about it :)

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crun wrote 11/15/2020 at 21:06 point

The thing that needs this is the old water meter with its analog dials. Since there is no benefit to the utility in having real-time or time based charging (unlike electricity), existing ones are unlikely to be replaced with digital ones.

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