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A project log for USB volume knob

A knob to control the volume on my PC - with RGB

nagupnagup 04/22/2021 at 21:250 Comments

After using the device for all this time, I have found that sometimes my PC doesn't respond to the volume adjustments, after unplugging and plugging the device back in, everything is fine. Happens rarely I think only when I eject my sd card for my 3d printer does it sometimes happen but otherwise, it has been just perfect., easily the best addition to my desk. 

The next version will definitely need a strength/stability upgrade and for that, I plan to have a large outer bearing and some kind of additional "indent" mechanism, like a disk with little notches and a metal leaf-spring to *click* into each notch, basically to have a more durable clicking mechanism instead of relying just on the encoder's one as the encoder in my device has lost all clicking feedback. I've been trying to think of a way to get the bearing support but also allow the knob to click up and down, the bearing would have to move with it and therefore the bearing wouldn't be a part of the main body, and so not providing much support. When I figure something out, I will have a custom PCB ready (still learning how to use Eagle though) which will have a pro micro integrated directly onto it but with USB-C. The rotary encoder will also be soldered to the PCB for added strength. I have not had the time to program some additional functions of the RGB ring such as blinking red when the computer is muted or even some device control options, using the knob so for example clicking the knob down and holding for 5 seconds to enter a "settings" mode where I can set a fixed colour or a colour wave.