• Simple Mixer

    Neil Mundt02/06/2021 at 22:45 0 comments

    Half of the schematic for a Simple eurorack mixer. You can Use a TL074 or TL072. Depends on how many Op amps you decide for your mixer. 

    The First op amp(U1.1) Inverts and Amplifies the mixed voltages with a Gain of 1. 

    Then that is fed into the second op amp(U.1.2) Inverts and Amplifies the mixed signal phase back to the Original Phase with a Gain of +1.   

    You can add as many Inputs as you want. I am probably going to make 4xInput 2x Output Version for my Rack. You can never have too many mixers.

  • Simple starter Module For Euro Rack

    Neil Mundt11/01/2020 at 23:31 0 comments

    This is a really good starter module.  Video made by Synth Diy Guy SDIY Class # 10 - Building a dual Mixer . He Explains how Op amps Function and shows the Basic schematic.  Based around the TL074 Quad Op amp.  Here is some other layouts for the panel that I ended up not using.