Adding breadboard modules

A project log for Raspberry Pi I2C Interfacing

A quick go at talking to a few devices

KeithKeith 12/13/2020 at 23:060 Comments


I had several non-pi boards on a bread board. Connected them to the Pi with coloured wires.

  1. 3V3 Brown 
  2. 5V Red
  3. SDA Orange 
  4. 5V Yellow
  5. SCL Green
  6. GND Blue

Opening a console to run from the command line,

i2cdetect -y 1

detected devices at hex addresses 20 (MCP23017 sixteen-bit PIO), 48 ( ADS1115 ADC), 57 (DS3232 Real-Time Clock) and 68 (MPU6050 accelerometer/gyro).


Example Python code from now talking to the MCP23017 i/o board, blinking a light and reading inputs.

DS3231 real-time clock now successfully integrated into the OS.