Busy/Free Desk Indicator

A busy/free desktop indicator for the Adafruit Circuit Playground Express. Red shows you are busy and for how long, blue shows you are free!

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A busy/free desktop indicator for the Adafruit Circuit Playground Express.

Button A increments the busy indicator by 15 minutes on each press, button B decrements it by 15. Once the timer has lapsed, the indicator goes back to blue.

You can shake to clear the timer, and the switch toggles the lights on or off.

  • Added New Year's Fireworks Shader

    DeckerEgo12/28/2020 at 20:07 0 comments

    Bring in the New Year in style... the Holiday Wreath shader has been replaced with a Fireworks shader! See the sparkling explosions from the safety of your desk.

  • Added a Holiday Wreath Shader!

    DeckerEgo11/28/2020 at 01:08 0 comments

    Added a new holiday wreath shader to celebrate the holidays!

    Also, I've tested the Busy/Free Desk Indicator with CircuitPython 6, and it doesn't like having the Circuit Playground's filesystem mounted in read-only mode. If you would like to use CircuitPython 6 then omit when installing the software - otherwise stick with CircuitPython 5.3.

  • Added "Shader" Support

    DeckerEgo11/18/2020 at 13:41 0 comments

    Now you can rotate through different LED animations by pressing the B button while idle! I'm still a fan of the original "rotate" animation tho...

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