Starship Build Complete

A project log for Radio Controlled Starship Program

Trying to catch up to SpaceX's Starship program with my own radio controlled, electric version.

Nick RehmNick Rehm 11/24/2020 at 15:340 Comments

Just finished up the hardware build on the Starship prototype. I had the CAD model pulled up to help cross-reference as the parts came together. Most everything went together nicely, I just need to make some minor changes to some of the printed parts for better tolerances/additional features. I still haven't figured out a plan for landing gear--it will most likely be passive, but for now I think I'll just grab it out of the air. Stay tuned for a build video and parts files!

Now on to hover testing, then the maneuver never attempted before: the skydive.

Avionics bulkhead: