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Bluetooth that actually works...

SaabmanSaabman 11/25/2020 at 22:010 Comments

From the table in the previous Log it appears that the Uconnect module sends a



to switch the Head unit to Phone Mode.

I tried doing a can send of those commands and confirmed the HeadUnit would switch to phone mode but would drop back to the radio rather quickly, I suspect the regular transmission of 2D0#F0E02FFF01 is a heartbeat from the Uconnect module also indicating that it is not active.

I added a power switch to the Uconect module so I could turn it on and off effectively removing it from the system.

Turning the Uconnect off and sending the 2D0#E0E024F501 #82F124F501 would switch the HU to Phone mode after about 30 seconds the HU would swicth back to radio. Sending 84F124F501 periodically once in Phone mode would keep the mode active. Sending a 3F5 appeared to send text to the HU which would be buffered untill the next 2D0 when it would be written to the Display.

The display will show a line of Text indicating the elapsed time of the call and at the bottom of the screen it shows the phone battery level and signal strength.

the 3F5 appears to be just the text line in HEX format 8 bytes at a time. Longer words can be displayed by sending multiple 3F5#data prior to the next 2D0#.

ie "Connecting" is displayed by sending

As far as I can tell at this stage the format of the 3F5 id consists of 8 bytes the first byte I haven't worked out yet and the next 7 bytes are 7 characters.