Getting the Uconnect module to work

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Bluetooth that actually works...

SaabmanSaabman 12/05/2020 at 11:060 Comments

The Ultimate aim is to build a bluetooth device that will switch the headunit to the phone input which is done over the CAN bus it is necessary to work out what signals turn on the unit and what is required to keep it alive and active and what data is required to be sent to the headunit and how the headunit responds.

So Ive pulled the Ucconect module from the car and am attempting to get it to work sitting on the bench connected to a raspberry pi.

I have taken a log from the car and deleted all the commands I believe originate from the Uconnect module and played it back from the Pi.

The Uconnect module succesfully starts up and automatically connects to my phone.

There is some 200 messages a second in the log and Im pretty sure most of them are irrelevant for the Uconnect module, which leads to the question "What codes can I get rid of?"

Thanks to the work of BiggRanger

I have a starting point of thingsto get rid of so far I have successfuly eliminated the need for

211, 214, 217, 219, 3A3, 3A2, 516, 20E.