Project update

A project log for ATtiny Flasher v2

Tool to flash and debug ATtiny MCUs using built-in socket or on breadboard

andriymalyshenkoandriy.malyshenko 08/17/2021 at 10:380 Comments

Our Crowd Supply campaign is finished (hurray!) and currently I'm working on production batch of the Flasher tool. I'm freezing all hw changes (otherwise it will never finish) and focusing now on production process details, ordering boards, screens, parts, packaging and shipping, this sort of stuff.

Last revision just came in (not even tested yet). Few issues were fixed as usual, but also board share changes a little bit. I guess it is inspired by some conference badges.

Also just a one step away there was a request to make similar board for Atmega8 series chips, so I've prepared that one as well (first revision at this point)

All and all it looks good, I'm quite happy with board quality and looking forward to release them into life.