Dual TS100 power supply

TS100 soldering iron, I need two of them!

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I absolutely love TS100 soldering irons, this is an ongoing project meant to provide power for two TS100 soldering irons. So far i uploaded enclosure parts to the GitHub, so you can print your own enclosure. Another part of the build is the electronics part, this part is still work in progress, but I will update the build log as I go.


The power controller circuit is just a simple electronic on/off switch, two illuminated buttons on the right control which soldering iron will be on, in the center there is room for 0.96" OLED display. The circuit will be able to measure total current draw and voltage on the output, and display it on the OLED screen. I had an idea of making custom soldering iron cables, that would include a barrel connector and a USB connector, so data could be sent and received from soldering iron itself, but this is V1.0, maybe in some future version. Left side of the enclosure has two square openings, meant for holding down the output power cables, and just below them, there is a banana jack, that can be used for ESD protection bracelet. The power supply unit is off the shelf switch mode power supply module  WX-DC2416 24V/6A.

  • 1 × 3D printed enclosure
  • 1 × WX-DC2416 24V 6A PSU
  • 2 × Barrel connector cable (Female)
  • 1 × Yellow banana jack (Panel mount)
  • 1 × IEC male snap in power socket

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