PART 2: The Camera Module and Lens(es)

A project log for LOMOPI - Digital TLR Camera

The RPi-Powered Twin-Lens Reflex Street Photography Camera.

gradivisGradivis 11/11/2020 at 12:200 Comments

**NOTE** The first three project logs I made were for V1 of this project, inside a Lomo LC-A. I'm leaving them here for posterity (and for anyone interested in going that route) but V2 and the active project starts here:

Through the original Viewfinder, which I have kept (taken with an iPhone)

The Original LOMO LC-A Lens before disassembly, which I have kept in perfect shape just in case I can still integrate it.

And here's a shot from my working LC-A back in my college days - if only this sort of thing could be emulated - un-retouched it really encapsulates the magic of film:

I'm waiting on a Sony HQC but for now I have a V2 Camera Module which takes perfectly adequate photos and will allow me at least to test wiring and code.

Using a cheap plexi camera mount (but one that camera with a magnetic lens set and O ring) I jammed the camera inside the LC-As front panel and then expoyed it in:

Despite keeping the original viewfinder,  I had to make a vertical cut into it with a dremel cutting disk so the the body would meet the top plate more closely. I can still see through it perfectly although I did have to clear it of plastic debris.

The power pack arrived today as well - dual 18560 batteries with USB output and USB charging input (which I need to figure out how to do elegantly). Bonus - it also has lights for battery level and status - I'll do smaller hole in the leatherette so it's visible in daylight still but not as powerful.

Can't wait for the leatherette to get here. I also need to figure out a solution for the back which is ugly right now so I won't show you - once I get the rpi wired up to take power for the 18650 power back and a button to fire I'll be almost ready to go!