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    Miroslav Zuzelka11/09/2020 at 23:05 0 comments

    This will probably sound like (bad) romantic hollywood movie, but 3 and half your ago I met love of my life. Do not worry this will not be another story where everything is perfect, but you have to know where I took my inspiration. 

    We met with Lucia when I was looking for someone who will come with me to the "Night of the churches" which is one night where many churches are open for public and you can come, stay for a while or just look around and go. I ´m not religious man, actualy I beleave that there is something more than us but I would not call him/her God, but I like old architecture and churches are very beautiful type of buildings. There is so much work and passion to them, at least for me. After that night, we met few times again and after while we started dating. Long story short, we have beautiful son and we got married this August (2020). 

    When I saw this heart by Jiří Praus I knew that I have to make it for my fiancee and this is story about that. 

    I have to say that everything what Jiří does look so simple, clean and beatiful and this heart is no exception. One thing which I did not like was the size of the heart. First time what I saw it, I thought that this would be awesome necklace, but it have to be smaller. 

    I had this idea in my had for few days and I was thinking how to make this simpler. I ordered same modules from Aliexpress as Jiří used and I also ordered just sensors from same site. My plan was make PCB which would be in the middle of the heart and it would act as a core of the heart but also it would connect both sides of the heart together. When modules and sensors arrived, I already had my mind somewhere else and had not time to design this board so this never come to life. 

    Everything changed when my fiancee and son left to her parents prepare our wedding. I though that this would be very nice gift to our wedding and maybe she could wear it at our wedding. I had about 2 weeks to make this real. 

    When I wrote that everything what Jiří does looks so simple, I could not be more far from true. Maybe for him is simple, but for me it was real challenge. I did one of his heart earings last year but this was much more complex than that. Luckely for me, Jiří also make great tutorials and also share his designs. If you want to get tutorial and files for this heart, you have to become his Patreon, but it is worth it. 

    As I wrote his heart for me was to big to be necklace so I load it to the Prusaslicer and made it smaller. Original size is at the top and my version is 60% of the original.  

    I do not know how Jiří printed his one, but my heart had side, which was facing printer bed, in really bad shape and I could not attach any double sided tape to it because it was too rough so at the end I printed 2 hearts on different sides so I had one side OK and I could work on it. I can not share picture from Jiří´s turorial with you but build process was like this: 

    1) attach double sided tape to the heart
    2) attach brass wire to that tape
    3) attach another brass wire to the tape and connect both wires with solder
    4) repeat step 2 and 3 until you will have complete heart frame

    I decide that I will not completely follow his tutorial and that I will start with inner heart which contain RGB LED´s. Jiří had in his design RGB LED WS2812B in 5050 package (5x5 mm), but because I have my heart smaller, I have to use smaller LED´s. I had some WS2812B in 3535 package (3,5x3,5 mm) from some project at home so I used those in my heart. Jiří supply picture with LED´s and wire diagram but I can not use that as picture would not be in right scale when I would print it. Instead I loaded STL file of the heart to the Fusion 360, scale it down to 60%, cut it in half and draw shape of it to the new sketch and print this one instead. Here you can see LED size comparison with that shape. 

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