Alienware battery repackaging

Putting one battery in another's case

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A friend had his Alienware computer's battery die on him. I bought another Alienware battery for 1EUR on a flea market, and after disassembling both of these carefully, I found out that they're actually very similar internally. So, I decided to put the working battery's guts inside the case of the faulty one.

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    Arya11/10/2020 at 11:51 0 comments

    What do we have?

    0. A gaming laptop from Alienware with broken battery

    1. Broken Alienware battery from that laptop

    2. Working Alienware battery from a different laptop

    Ain't no Alienware warranty on this laptop anymore, and being tethered to a wall socket at all times makes a laptop into a shitty desktop. Fixing the dead battery is likely a no-go - the controllers are black boxes, there's people that know the details about them but it costs money, and I'd need to re-cell the battery anyway - spot welding batteries in a live pack isn't my favourite pastime.

    When plugging the 2. battery into the laptop, the laptop would work wonders. Internally, it looked really similar - same cell arrangement and very similar controller board.

    Solution - put guts of the 2. battery into the 1. battery case. However, I'd need to shorten these metal strips:

    It's not as simple - as soon as you disconnect any of the metal strips, the battery controller bricks itself (rightfully so), as it needs to see valid battery voltages at all times without any interruptions - anything other than that is a sign of battery malfunction, and any laptop manufacturer wants to steer clear of that. Consequently, there's no simple way to "reset" a battery controller from such an occasion, either. However, with the power of magnets and kapton tape, I got it done.


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michaelfranklawrence wrote 03/10/2021 at 21:53 point

I'm rebuilding a Lenovo battery pack that's getting weak. I understand the battery management board (BMB) needs to see power or it will self destruct. I believe the battery to be 3S although I haven't opened it up yet. Instead of building a new battery, connecting it in parallel with the old one and then disconnecting the original, I'm thinking of removing and replacing the parallel cells one at a time. That way the BMB will always see power and won't self destruct. All cells will be equalized before use. Does anyone know if this will work please? 

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