Lens for a reflex camera

A diy wide angle lens for my reflex camera

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So I started an old hobby again, analogue photography. I own reflex cameras with screw-connector for lenses.
As the younger me used to collect all and everything I also own a small collection of single lenses, harvarsted from damaged photography gear.

Combining it all with a block of aluminium and whole bunch of luck, I made myself a wide angle lens.

My focus (hehe, focus) was to prove it was possible more than to get a high quality lens. So it might also catch the spirit of lomography.

Almost success!

I added a thread to the base and made two screws out of brass to hold lenses.
Now I can adjust focus by turning the lenses.

Because the lenses are taken from scrapped equipment, it all does not fit perfectly:
There is a notable defocus aberration between center and margin, which could be corrected with the correct set of lenses which I don't have.

Added an aperture to the lenses to minimize defocus aberration and it worked quiet well.
It is made out of black electrical tape. I marked three lines each 120° to another and parallel lines to each to get a template for the lens. On the lens i marked them with a cutter knive because the groves can be seen through the tape.

I'll upload some pictures as soon as I developed them.

  • some photos

    Johannes04/06/2021 at 19:40 0 comments

    Here are some photos taken with this lens.
    I do not have a good scanner for negatives so I used a cheap camera to take photos of the negative images. That's why they are not good looking and a bit blurry.

    It turned out the best photos were trees.

    Another one, together with an image with the standard 2,8/35mm lens shot from the same position.

    I did this project for fun and therefore claim it success.
    A lot can be optimized but I'll keep it as an experimental lens just as it is right now.

    Update: I just made some real photos from the negatives which are easier to scan.

    It seems as if the focus lies inside the tree's crown but is very narrow.
    As previously stated, it was only a fun project an has lots of space for improvements.

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Riley Brok wrote 07/26/2023 at 11:48 point

Can I use this lens for my binoculars. 

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Dan Maloney wrote 11/13/2020 at 17:53 point

Looks good. Did you turn that aluminum piece?

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Johannes wrote 11/13/2020 at 19:27 point

Yes, I've got a lathe at home.

I'm about to upload more photos, but unfortunatelly I did not take photos from the process, only from the parts.

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