RTL-SDR Mobile Antenna Casing/Holder

This is an antenna casing. It is potentially weatherproof. That just depends on how you build it.

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This is a PVC pipe with 2 caps. It includes a antenna that is pre-mounted and connected to a cord. It includes a stand. It is mainly an antenna holder but I made it mobilized so that it can be used with a RTL-SDR. Mobile as in on-the-go usage. It already has an on-the-go but this is a different approach as this has more cord organization pre-done. It also has weatherproofing potential.

Just some idea I came up with.

  • 1 × 3/4 PVC Pipe
  • 2 × 3/4 PVC Pipe Cap(s)
  • 1 × Antenna that fits RTL-SDR
  • 1 × Screw-able stand for the PVC Pipe
  • 1 × Weatherproofing system (Duck Tape, Gorilla Tape, etc)

  • 1
    3/4 inch PVC pipe

    First you need 3/4 inch PVC piping.

  • 2
    Cutting PVC pipe

    Cut a 5 inch piece of the pipe off.

  • 3
    2 PVC Cap(s)

    Obtain 2 caps that fit the 3/4 inch pipe piece.

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