Mug Club Bar Light Project

Making custom pint glass shelves with addressable LEDs, a ESP32s mesh network, & RFID tags

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Hi all this is my first project sharing on here so I am not 100% of the best way to do so if I am doing it wrong I apologize in advanced.

I have a problem with collecting pint glasses when I travel. I current have >100 from mostly breweries but some from other landmarks across the world.

I built some custom shelves about three years ago to house some of them behind my bar with chalkboard paint on the front for people to claim their glass and hence the mug club started.

I then added LEDs underneath to shelfs because LEDs make everything better. I was pretty happy with that for about a year. Recently I have started messing around with the ESP32 and addressable LEDs and got an idea I thought might be fun.

So this project will outline that idea along with all the unnecessary things that I have come up which since then.

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