Special Goodbye 2020 contest firmware

A project log for Cookie JAR clock of passion

A clock built inside a mineral oil filled jar.

Marius TaciucMarius Taciuc 11/17/2020 at 00:480 Comments

I added a special firmware that will display the message "Goodbye 2020" among the other messages that were mentioned above. 

   I hate to break it to you, but for me, personally, 2020 was not such a bad year. So this is the reason for why this message fits well among the other messages in my clock. Since I'm living in a 3rd world country, 2020 didn't bring any major negative change. This country I'm living in at the moment didn't experience any economic crisis yet and we hardly had any viral spread. Everything stood the same around here.

   It has been a good year for me. I experienced many personal achievements, I won international contests, my youtube channel got monetized, my kids learned to ride the bike and we took a cat. I was able to spend dozens of hours building and flying model planes with my son and I feel we had some priceless quality time together. Me and my wife turned 10 years of marriage and we both feel like we recently took our relationship to a higher level of trust, friendship and intimacy. We feel like our career paths are going in the right direction and we experience a feeling of complete satisfaction as we continue to serve with these aid organizations we involve with. We managed to invest so much into educational projects for the children of the 3rd world communities and we feel blessed in everything because we focused on giving and not on receiving. 

   Before everybody in the western world dislikes my post and starts trolling me, I want everybody to know that I am only posting this comment in order to encourage you all. There is life after the pandemic. Have faith and let us all hope for a better 2021. There is a full half of the glass there somewhere and we can all find it. Be kind to one another, show love and compassion and have faith in God.

Greetings from PNG.