Originally I wanted to make my own PCB and figure out the ribbon pins for the stock keyboard, but I'm too lazy and cheap for that. The next idea was to take the Anne Pro 2 I use every day and see if I could slap the Pi inside there. Unsurprisingly, there wasn't enough room to put much else inside the stock Anne Pro 2 case, so I started modeling.

After a couple days, this is what I've come up with. There's not a whole lot to it; the battery has it's own spot, as does the Pi PCB with slots in the back for the ports. The Anne Pro 2 connects to the Pi over bluetooth, and the USB-C port on the back is still accessible so it can act as a normal keyboard as well.

Currently I'm working on tweaking the design to have everything fit together better to release the STLs, and having just found out about 'cyberdecks', I've begun modeling a cover for the keyboard with a screen built-in that will let me have a tiny computer anywhere I need (save for the mouse, but who uses those anymore, right?)

Any suggestions and questions are welcome to make this thing more useful/cool to look at!