This inexpensive receiver is capable of receiving the entire radio broadband spectrum, from 200KHz up to 108Mhz.

If you are using a SI4735-D60 or SI4732-A10 based circuit, you can also use this sketch to add the SSB  functionality.      Otherwise the hardware is completely identical to the one in the previous video, only the color of the case has been changed to know that the new menu makes it completely different and more functional.

The reason for this new video is the great new library created by Ricardo Lima Caratti, with support for this small but powerful receiver. Now the menu has changed completely and there are many new options. Exactly these options are presented throughout the video. In the examples contained in this library there is one named "Si47XX_02_for_Mirko_Pavleski_radio" which is the new sketch for this radio.
   The author announces that there will be constant new improvements to the library, so it is advisable to download the latest version at github: