• Floppy Interface Ordered

    TheStumbler11/25/2020 at 20:13 0 comments

    The zoom floppy USB interface is on order. 

  • Potential Setback

    TheStumbler11/18/2020 at 22:56 0 comments

    My initial enthusiasm upon discovering the stash of old units has been dampened by a sudden and unfortunate memory. While I'm not 100% sure, I think the programs were distributed in a compiled format (there were two programs, one for satellites, and another one just for terrestrial antenna pointing based on the remote station's radio callsign prefix). I don't think this was done for copy-prevention reasons, but rather program speed. My recollection is vague, but I think we discovered that the compiled program ran faster and/or loaded faster. With normal languages, that makes sense, but I'm not sure how Basic was compiled. 

    Regardless, I will proceed and try to get the floppy images extracted to a more modern media for analysis. And continue racking my brain and see if I can come up with any place to look where the source code might be stored.

  • Stash of Old Inventory Unearthed

    TheStumbler11/15/2020 at 05:14 0 comments

    My son dug up a trove of old Autotracker stuff.  Now I need to get started.