3D-printable shredder

An almost completely 3D-printable shredder that can be used to shred
3D-prints ;-)

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A while back i uploaded a video of my 3D-printable gearbox and some people told me it looked like a shredder, I thought this was actually a nice idea so i build one. I mainly build this thing jut for fun and to show people what the possibilities are with 3D-printed parts because some people still think 3D-prints are not functional and you can only make vases, figures or boats with a 3D-printer. 3D-printed parts of course have their limits like you'll see in the video ;-). Almost every part in this build is 3D-printed, except for the shafts bearings, nuts and bolts etc.

To drive the shredder i used the gearbox i mentionned above. Project can be found here:

The gearbox was powered by a 3S 2200mah LIPO battery with the help of the Universal Motion Controller i made (project: It's possible to run the gearbox on a 6S LIPO but this would destroy the gears almost immediately in this application.

The components listed are the ones only for the shredder. The components for the gearbox can be found on the project page of the gearbox:

For the dimensions of the 2 shafts see the drawing that's located in the files section on this page.

It's recommended to use at least 25 percent infill for the structural parts. Use up to 5 outer perimeters and layer heights of at least 0.2mm (when printing with a 0.4mm nozzle). top and bottom layers should be around 1mm.

STL and Fusion 360 source files can be found here:

Video can be found here:

3D-printed shredder shafts Drawing v2.pdf

This drawing includes the dimensions needed to fabricate the 2 main shafts of the shredder where the teeth are mounted on.

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