A(nother) 3D Printed Reversing Mechanism.

Designed to complete another automaton...

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This mechanism uses my 3D printed snap action mechanism to provide hysteresis. The mechanism will be used to drive another automaton design requiring mechanical reversing.

Video of prototype is here:

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Greg Zumwalt wrote 11/16/2020 at 23:10 point

Hi Dan!

Yes, you can change the hysteresis by changing the bushing width, the leaf spring lengths and arcs, etc.  Changing the leaf spring thickness will increase the holding power at stroke end at the expense of additional energy required to overcome the spring arc.  I designed the face gear with a slight outward bevel to hold the spur gears in place until the snap action is completed.

Also, the leaf springs print on their sides making them fairly strong and flexible!

A little more work to do to finish the automaton.


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Dan Maloney wrote 11/16/2020 at 22:40 point

OK, now we see what that snap-action slide was for. So I guess you could control the hysteresis by changing the width of the bushing on the "shifting fork" -- make it a little wider, less hysteresis, right? Only up to a point, I suppose -- eventually you'd get too close to the snap-through point of those springs.

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