• Compatible with Arduino UNO and MEGA
  • Modular system consisting of a HV Power Supply and a Socket Module for different types of Nixie tubes
  • Neon lamp NE-2 as minus sign
  • Included temperature sensor (DS18B20) with a measuring range from -55°C to +85°C
  • Supports up to two temperature sensors
  • Very high efficiency using the MAX1771 switch-mode controller
  • Easy to build, no SMD parts
  • Programmable using the Arduino IDE

So far, Socket Modules for the following Nixie tubes are available:

There are more Socket Modules to come...

The kit comes with an printed assembly instruction and a detailed functional disctription. A preview of the instructions can be found here: Download PDF Instructions
The schematics and the functional discription are providided when purchasing the kit.

The shield needs an Arduino UNO or MEGA to function. The sketches are uploaded using the Arduino IDE. The sample sketchs to operate the Nixie tube shield can be downloaded from our GitHub repository: Download Sample Sketches