Raspberry Pi Digital Police Scanner

Using a Raspberry pi 3b+ and RTL-SDR Dongle to make a Digital Police Radio.

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This is a Raspberry Pi Digital Police Scanner made with a Raspberry Pi 3B+. It employes the use of an RTL-SDR Dongle. The software is GQRX paired with DSD 1.7.0. The unit auto-starts with a startup script and xdtool for sending keystrokes to GQRX and the terminal shell. The script is ephemeral on boot up. Analog audio is selected. The screen is a touchscreen TFT. The on screen keyboard is extremely useful, its called Onboard and installs to universal access. The display can be flipped upside down if you desire to fit the USB dongle on the otherside. Im sorry about the video quality, I can upload some better ones if requested.
Note: There are several scripts avalible for GQRX to scan frequencies as desired.


This script can be saved to the desktop or invoked on startup. When you execute from the desktop, select Execute, not Execute in Terminal. If we fail, adjust the sleep timing and make sure that only the Audio and Main toolbar are visible as xdtool is only using those to start everything properly.

x-sh - 809.00 bytes - 11/24/2020 at 05:14



This just runs gqrx

desktop - 174.00 bytes - 11/24/2020 at 05:12


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Brian wrote 4 days ago point

I will provide you the scripts if you want. Yes

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rnsi wrote 6 days ago point

Will you provide the scripts? Or the RPi SD image?

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