So here's the deal:

Circa 2012/2013, I'm playing paintball in a big scenario games called Fulda Gap out in Hickory, NC. It's a nice 20 degree morning and we want to go shoot each other in the woods like any normal adult male with a nervous tick. Game starts at 9AM - so we get out there and get in position... shortly after which everyone starts complaining that they couldn't see - not only could they not see the enemy - they couldn't see anything. Every lens out there was fogged up after our rush over to the point we were tasked to defend. At that point I told a strange man next to me that I was going to do something about this fogging issue.

Fast forward to today, a patent search and strategic analysis later... brings us to open eyewear!

I found that there are many avenues on how to prevent the air from condensing on your inner lens and obstructing your vision.
They are:

  • increasing air flow
  • increasing temperature of lens surface
  • decreasing moisture in the air

Now everyone is likely to know about the increasing in air flow solution to defogging - or even re-routing the moist air that causes foggy glasses in the first place, but not many think of heating the inner lens surface.

There's a very clever couple of inventors by the name of Dom Skomsky and Valerie Palfy that have integrated a heating element and done some complex maths that got them an award from Nasa & recognition from Popular Science. However the only company that seems to be working with this is Abominable Labs in Portland, OR.

That's great for skiers/snowboarders + oil workers, but it leaves the rest of us out in the cold - with foggy goggles.

Solution? Free eyewear designs incorporating this technology! For anyone with the facilities to manufacture.

I started a website to host free eyewear designs here: There's nothing on there yet but it will come soon!