A powerfull dev board with the ESPRESSIF™ ESP32-S2®, a high resolution display, a RGB LED, a battery charger and a bunch of GPIOs.

There are many ESP32 board on the market but very few with the new ESP32-S2 which handles USB communications, new cryptography functions. We wanted to have a board with a built in hi-resolution IPS Color Display. After years playing with previous versions of the ESP32, building security devices, text pagers, we just wanted to go one step further and have our opensource circuit.

We wanted to have something minimalistic but expandable so we chose the ESP32 S2 WROOM component , a classic WS2812B RGB LED, a classic 5v to 3.V voltage regulator. We wanted something extremely easy to use therefore fully compatible with ARDUINO® IDE plateform. We also wanted something simple to handle as a first crowdfunding project.

Features & Specifications

• Processing: o 32-bit esp32 processor operating at 240 MHz o 4 MB SPI flash

• Wireless: o 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi - 802.11b/g/n o PCB Antenna

• Power: o 3.3 V LDO regulator o Optimised power path for low-power battery usage o LiPo battery management o Battery pads on the bottom support both JST PH o Power LEDs

• Form-factor: o 1.27 pinout spacing connector o Breadboard friendly with the dev shield

• Connectivity: o GPIO broken out to standard pitch headers 1.27 mm o USB + serial/UART for programming o On Board Programmable RGB LED

• Control: o Arduino IDE compatibility and MicroPython compatibilité o Supports Arduino IDE o Supports Espressif IDF 

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